Intelligent Energy Management for Buildings

A project for building to become intelligent and effective use of energy



A fresh UI design with a summary of the status of the indoor environment. Besides, real-time retrieved data displayed as charts from the sensors and devices to manage and review easily. The scheduling system is not including but the scheduling data can be imported from the existing system in the current stage.



Suitable sensors for retrieving data to maintain a suitable indoor environment. Sensors data is encrypted and managed by blockchain technology.

  • Temperature and Humidity sensors
  • Thermal cameras
  • Air quality sensors


There are default parameters for a different environment. The algorithms help to tune the environment with real-time data from the sensors.

  • Intelligent appliances control
  • Effective energy usage
  • Parameters modification for future use


Prototype phase

The first phase is the study on the possible works with sensors and a suitable algorithm for existing building towards a smart building. The prototype solution will have an evaluation and review for future implementation.

In this phase, there are 5 stages of implementing our prototype system. First, a model created for simulating the real environment and the sensors installed in a different location. Next, the prototype analyses the sensors collected data and controls the appliances. Furthermore, the system also retrieves the scheduling information from the existing scheduling system to prepare a suitable environment for the users in the building by pre-starting the appliances and tune the environment similar to the natural environment by comparing it with the weather information.

Working at a real building

(Coming soon...)

Explain the study to the buildings over the world

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About us

Prototype Team - INB

The prototype team is grouped by the Software Engineering students from Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Chai Wan) and students from Coventry University from UK.